From the moment you place your eyes on your little one, existence as you know it is forever changed. Kids have this uncanny way of nuzzling into your heart, creating room for deeper emotional connection within yourself. Often times, they produce a mixture of emotions that range from love and laughter to anger and tears.

As time goes on, challenges may present themselves in unexpected ways. If you notice your child is not living up to their full potential, gets easily angry or teary, is sad or anxious, or does not want to do the activities they once enjoyed, assistance may be needed. I am able to help your child name and identify their emotions, teach them positive habits to cope with intense emotions, and help them have a stronger sense of self.

Every parent needs to take care of themselves. Self-Care looks different for everyone but is essential because of the daily sacrifices you make to give your child a good future. Together we will also discuss how you can nurture yourself as you faithfully care for your child.

Adult Individual Therapy

Everyone has ups and downs, but sometimes people get stuck and feel like they can’t move forward. Big decisions, life transitions, difficult relationships, and unrealized dreams are only some of the life events that can bog you down. By providing a safe space, we can work together on present difficulties you’re facing and any past events that may be bothering you. I can help you grow and discover your gifts, help you understand how your particular hurts have affected your daily living, and help you find peace and hope for yourself.

Family Therapy

Living as a family is a joy but is not without its challenges. Each family has its own stresses and struggles. Many of the most painful struggles are interpersonal and leave us feeling sad, lonely, and powerless. My goal is to help your family become resilient, supportive, and connected in the midst of these struggles. To help your family become more cohesive and kind towards each other, I will work alongside your family to help each member discover their unique strengths, cope with anxiety and stress, and deepen empathy for each other.